It’s winter, which means it’s time to hibernate with a good braise, binge on Netflix and buy citrus. You might take for granted year-round lemons, but peak season Ruby Red grapefuits and blood oranges are true delicacies. In their prime, these normally tart, acidic fruits take on deep, mellow sweetness and rich colors.

Super-fresh and unpasteurized, fresh-squeezed citrus juices bear no resemblance to the tame, diluted-from-concentrate options at the supermarket. Even the higher-quality, more perishable options in the refrigerated section don’t compare. Pasteurization is to blame for much of this. The process reduces flavor but extends shelf life and, for the most part, preserves nutrients.

This recipe plays homage to classic OJ, with a twist. The sweetness of the carrot balances what limited acidity remains from the oranges and offers a vitamin A boost. The clementines or tangerines bring a subtle nuance of flavor not found in traditional store-bought orange juice. Think of it as an orange juice that goes to 11.

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No juicer? No problem. You don’t need an expensive, slow-masticating, centrifugal juice machine to make superb orange juice at home. All you need is in-season citrus (which is happening right now), an old-school citrus press, and a capable bicep. Simply omit the carrot from the recipe and embrace a straight-up citrus blend. Super-fresh and invigorating — you won’t regret it.