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You can screw up as much as you like if this fried oyster hoagie is the apology.

By now, you know to head to Brooklyn for an excellent cocktail in a trendy setting crafted by a bartender who is not a bartender, but in fact a mixologist. Food writer and author Barbara Scott-Goodman sourced a delicious collection of some of the borough’s best bar snacks so you can replicate the best of Brooklyn in your home bar and kitchen.

The Peacemaker got its name from a common turn-of-the-century term, “peace offering.” When gents would return home after a long night of carousing, they would bring along a hoagie roll stuffed with delicious fried oysters for their wives. Here is an adaptation of Grand Ferry’s recipe, made with a toasted brioche roll and slathered with spicy rémoulade sauce.

Reprinted with permission from Brooklyn Bar Bites