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This sausage and mushroom stuffing recipe will become a must-have on your holiday table.

Short Stack Editions are tiny tomes with recipes that focus on one ingredient. Their first compilation cookbook is a vibrant collection with an impressive author roster of great chefs, and we couldn’t be more excited to cook our way through. Prepare yourself for some brand-new dishes from familiar names, and if holiday dinner is the name of the game, try this sausage and mushroom stuffing.

Stuffing is like pizza (and some of life’s other great pleasures): There’s an endless supply of perfectly decent encounters, very few “bad” ones, and even fewer that are “the most amazing ever.”

In our attempt to make the best stuffing you’ll ever have, our version pulls a few tricks. We start by making a flavorful soup with double-strength chicken (or turkey) stock and browned vegetables. When it comes time to combine the soup with the bread, we add a little bit at a time to ensure we hit that sweet spot between dry and soggy, then add some brown butter and a mix of sautéed mushrooms to boost the dish’s meaty, roasted flavors. If you’re serving stuffing with roasted turkey or chicken, use as many leftover scraps and trimmings from the bird as you can gather: Leftover fat can (and should) replace some of the butter; freshly made stock always eclipses canned; and sautéed gizzards—if the gravy hasn’t already called dibs—will make your stuffing taste as though it was cooked inside the bird, just like in the old days. (Technically, stuffing is “dressing” if it’s not cooked in cavitatem, but “dressing” has always sounded so Waspy to us.)

Reprinted with permission from The Short Stack Cookbook