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Fried chicken, ham, melty cheese in a hot sandwich.

We don’t need to tell you how excited we are to plow through a whole cookbook of genius panini combinations. But suffice it to say, thanks to author Kathy Strahs’ recent release, The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, we’re firing up the press, slicing bread off the loaf and inspecting the fridge for any “extras” that might make these awesome, melty grilled sandwiches just a little better. This chicken cordon bleu panini, however, is just about perfect the way it is.

It’s time to take things a little retro. Chicken cordon bleu (which translates to “blue ribbon”) may not have actually originated at the famed French cooking school, but it was  nonetheless a winning dish for many American families in the 1960s and ’70s. The key components—breaded chicken breast, cheese, and ham — transform easily into a sandwich, along with a sweet kick of honey mustard.