Caitlin Evans

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Purdue University
Baking, Resourceful Cooking, Recipe Writing
  • Before Caitlin steered her career toward writing, she worked in the restaurant industry for multiple years with dreams of becoming a pastry chef.
  • Ever the resourceful type, Caitlin loves growing fresh produce from seed and canning. She currently has 30 tomato plants in her garden that will grow up to become red sauce.
  • Caitlin loves pesto and butterscotch. Not together though—that would be barbaric.


Caitlin has been writing professionally since 2012, using her skills in various capacities, from positive-only news coverage for a plucky startup to content creation for an internationally known outdoor furniture and lifestyle brand. Coming to the Static Media team in 2023, Caitlin is excited to discuss all things baking, gardening, sustainable living, and other noshable topics on Food Republic.


Caitlin has a bachelor's degree in Communications from Purdue University. She also spends as much time as she can learning gardening, cooking, and life tips from her 90-year-old grandfather—a man sprier than most 20-year-olds.
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