What's Your Favorite Sandwich? The Rankings Are In.

Let's have a layered, multifaceted, internet-wide discussion about favoritism and lunch. What's your favorite sandwich of all time? Where does your ideal filling between two slices of bread land on our extensive rankings of 40 popular sandwiches? Which combination of ingredients makes for the most sublime sammie in all the land? How mad would you be if your beloved liverwurst landed toward the bottom of the list? (It's not your fault—more people need to try liverwurst sandwiches!)

Now, we totally agree with you: Ranking sandwiches is an excellent use of our time, and we were more than happy to provide this very important service. We also enthusiastically welcome your dissent! Champions of chicken salad, lovers of lobster rolls and fighters against French dip discrimination unite! Peruse our sandwich rankings chart and tell us how you feel about everything from the humble king that is bacon, egg and cheese to the, uh...less-popular cucumber tea sandwich.

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