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Would you eat a burger from a chain known for its flapjacks? What happens when a beloved chain is shipped a bad case of buns? How are plant-based burgers performing in meat-crazed America? Find out all this burger news below.


For one week, the International House of Pancakes teased its name change to IHOb, and the Internet went into a tizzy wondering what the mysterious B could stand for. Guesses included bananas, breakfast, bacon, bitcoin, breakdancing and more. Then it was revealed on Monday that the breakfast chain would in fact start serving burgers, and that the name change was temporary. Can the worlds of burgers and pancakes intermix? The Boston Globe reports that you can in fact sub your fries for a side of flapjacks. God bless America.

Protein Style

For those who aren’t well versed on In-N-Out’s “secret menu,” the Protein Style burger is your regular burger wrapped in lettuce. No buns in site. Unfortunately for Texans, all In-N-Out locations in the Lone Star State had to close doors on Monday and Tuesday due to a case of bad buns. Executive Vice President Bob Lang, Jr. released a statement on Monday, saying the buns shipped to Texan locations did not meet quality standards. He also said there are “no food safety concerns.” New buns were supposed to arrive to the state’s seven locations yesterday when the stores planned to reopen, but evidently didn’t. Perhaps Texans should learn to love the Protein Style burger until approved buns are ready to be served.

Impossible Sliders

Since the Impossible Burger’s addition to White Castle’s menu, customers are reportedly enjoying the mini plant-based patties in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. Vice President Jamie Richardson told Forbes that some locations are slinging as many as 300 sliders a day. No word yet on whether or not Hollywood is interested in making a vegan sequel to the Harold and Kumar franchise.