Don't Use A Grill Brush. It May Be Trying To Kill You.

Grilling season is in full swing, and everyone's loving the return of al fresco cooking and dining. Before you hit the barbecue with a platter of meat and veggies, you'll want to scrub those grates clean of all charred material left over from last season. And from what we've been reading, maybe don't use a grill brush made from metal.

According to the Center for Disease Control, many kinds of steel grill brushes shed bristles that are razor-sharp on both ends and small enough to be ingested without detection...until of course they start shredding up your insides. Not to terrify you, but it seems like a pretty easy gadget to toss in return for the satisfaction of knowing your beautifully barbecued Steelhead salmon isn't packing actual steel.

Instead, rely on our tried-and-true hack for cleaning your grill to a spotless shine every time.

That's right, heat up the grill and choose your weapon: a generous spritz of white vinegar and half an onion speared on the end of a fork or scrunched-up ball of aluminum foil. Scrub vigorously and discard! Or, in the case of the onion half, slice off a quarter inch or so and toss right back on the grill. Food waste, you know?