Remember Pepsi’s ad campaign featuring a protesting Kendall Jenner? Believe it or not, the soft drink giant has another great idea in store for humanity.

Pepsi debuted its Pepsi Smart Cart prototype at this year’s STEP Conference in Dubai, according to Forbes. It’s a self-driving vending machine from which people can order drinks with the Facebook Messenger app. Soda is then delivered to the buyer. Equipped with the “Pepsi Intelligence Center,” the cart has sensor technology that can tell when goods are running low and find its way back to the nearby restocking facility to be replenished. The cart can also track down where there are large groups of people or high-traffic areas and drive to said spots like the neighborhood ice cream man. In other words, the Pepsi Smart Cart will come after you (To sell you sodas and chips, that is).

This video depicts the cart driving on roads with other cars to deliver you Pepsi. With one fatal accident involving a self-operating vehicle earlier this year, it’s tough to say whether this is a wise marketing strategy. That does it for today’s edition of No, Thank You.