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The tulip-themed corn dogs at Everland, outside of Seoul, are almost to beautiful to devour.

Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park, located just outside of Seoul. It’s home to exciting attractions like Global Fair, ZooTopia and of course, American Adventure. The park also hosts a tulip festival each spring, named for the flowers that signify you’ll only need your heavy coat for another month or so. Wait til you see the tulip food on offer around the park. You may have to forgo Magic Land, the hot springs and the panda musical entirely to sample it all — especially these beautiful corn dogs:

You can also enjoy…well, that sure looks like a gummy tulip on pizza, but we can’t read Hangul. Either way, super-cute.

These hot dogs are pretty awesome, too.

Here’s some cherry blossom-themed popcorn:

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There’s also plenty of non-hot dog or tulip-themed fare, like these freshly fried chocolate and vanilla-stuffed churros — churros are HUGE in Korea right now.

All the spring desserts on offer look incredible!

Fried and grilled teriyaki chicken on sticks…

Alright, that’s quite enough of that. There are a million great reasons to visit Seoul (not least of all being the independent music scene). And to boot, we have to admit, Everlane’s snack stands make Disneyland’s turkey legs look pretty tame by comparison.

P.S. Stay for the tulips.