Guac The Presses And Read The Latest Avocado News!

Grab a spoon and dive into the latest in culinary pop culture: avocado news edition. We've got stories from around the world about everyone's favorite buttery, green fruit. And as luck would have it — nothing involving toast, because toast is not the latest avocado news. Oh wait no, two involve toast. Shoot. So close.

Avocado Definitely Not Coming To In-N-Out

This April Fool's joke incensed a lot of Californians who have long fantasized about slices of ripe avocado on their perfect In-N-Out burgers. The EAT Show, a culinary event-planning organization, put together a faux publicity campaign for the West Coast icon's new "Cali-style" bacon and avocado burger, which of course does not and will never exist. They're not adding to the menu. Get over it.

In N Out FINALLY has a California style burger!!! Bacon & avocados tucked into a cheeseburger 🥓🥑😩 Get them quick! It's out this Sunday! (Link in bio for the exclusive sneak peek) #theeatshow #innout #calistyle

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Why Not Take An Avocado-Themed Vacation?

When only one avocado-themed spa treatment, excursion, cooking class, meal or cocktail isn't enough on your vacation, head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Casavelas Hotel just wrapped their first resort-wide "Guacamania," and is planning for another in September. Book yours now and prepare to experience what sure sounds like just enough avocado.

Cronut Creator Ansel's Latest Confection: The Huevocado

Dominique Ansel's latest chocolate creation? A perfectly reconstructed avocado filled with creme eggs. The "huevocado" failed, however, to get as many likes as Ansel's spring-themed cronut, filled with rhubarb rose jam and mascarpone ganache, finished with raspberry sugar and sporting a candy daisy, proving once and for all at the very highest level that doughnuts or any derivative thereof are still superior to avocados. Even chocolate ones.

The Latest In Avocado Toast: Marshmallows

Gourmet fluffy treat-crafter XO Marshmallow has a new flavor out that's sure to prevent you from buying your first home. Just kidding, they're just $8.95 for a dozen! Made with real avocado and a buttery toast-flavored crust along with chia seeds, pepper, and lemon juice, these sweet and savory confections...exist!

$30 Will Buy You An Avocado-Shaped Pool Float

The hottest pool accessory for the upcoming warm weather: this inflatable avocado. Don't toss it in the deep end unless you intend to provide guac for the entire party, or they may eventually ditch your shindig for a taco place. Added bonus: the pit's a beach ball, although not a very sexy-looking one.

Avocado Toast Is A Golf Recipe Now featured Thomas Keller's avocado toast recipe, as it's what the world-renowned chef and pretty solid golfer likes to fuel up on before he hits the course. Featuring feta, cilantro and piquillo pepper jam on pain de campagne, it's one power meal that beats the crap out of a pimento cheese sandwich.