Thrive Market Launches Line Of All-Sustainable Meat And Seafood

Thrive Market supplies high-quality organic staples at prices that may cause you do a double-take. The online retailer has been picking up steam as the food delivery vehicle of choice for eco-, health- and wallet-conscious consumers. Their latest venture: high-quality meat and seafood that goes one step beyond sustainable: some of their options are even regenerative, and all the packaging is 100% carbon-neutral.

Could that actually mean what it sounds like? Zero-impact animal protein you didn't hunt yourself? The increased demand for meat and fish has forced many independent smaller farmers and fishermen to adopt unsustainable practices in order to compete. Thrive Market seeks to do business with those who have stuck it out, shifting their techniques or implementing innovative measures to keep practices ethical for consumer and planet alike. We got in touch with founder and Chief Strategy Officer Gunnar Lovelace to find out more.

"Our goal with Thrive Market Meat and Seafood is twofold: One, to create the most ethical and highest quality meat and seafood program in the country at prices every American can afford; and two, to address our broken factory farming system by reshaping the supply chain, empowering producers and consumers alike to make positive choices for themselves and the environment," Lovelace said in an email. "We've partnered with some of the most environmentally responsible farmers and fishermen who share our values and commitment to a healthy planet, and are wholly committed to the restoration of soil and ocean health by using ethical and regenerative techniques," he adds.

Annual memberships run $59.95, and give you access to Thrive's substantial catalogue of underpriced goods. Ready to take the plunge for the environment?