(Photo: TJ Steele)TJ Steele of Claro in Brooklyn took over our Instagram to show us all his favorite spots in Oaxaca.

TJ Steele, executive chef of Brooklyn Mexican restaurant Claro and founding partner of El Buho Mezcal, recently traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico. There, he visited the restaurant’s corn grower, El Buho’s mezcal makers and ate plenty of tacos. Luckily for Food Republic (and our followers), he graciously shared the highlights of his trip in an Instagram takeover.

Of his favorite part of the trip, Steele said: “In all my time spent in Oaxaca I’d never seen how tejate was made, so I took an early morning trip to the town molino in Zaachila to see how it’s done. An extended member of our El Buho family runs that molino and they grind literally everything. Townspeople come in, mostly in the morning, with their ingredients; chocolate, nixtamal, garbanzos, etc. It was really interesting to see how every family has their own recipe and the slightest variation in ingredients can completely change the final product.”

Check out some of his snaps below and be sure to follow Food Republic and the hashtag #FRTakeover on Instagram.