Kickstart This: Portable, Single-Serving Ketchup Slices

Slice of Sauce is the latest development from the modern condiment world, and it's about to get Kickstarted. The mess-free ketchup slices come individually wrapped like American singles, and allows you to add ketchup flavor to burgers or sandwiches without worrying about sogginess. Our theory: This is the wave that meatloaf sandwiches ride all the way back to popularity. We love meatloaf sandwiches as much as we hate what happens when we forget to shake the ketchup bottle before dispensing or when an errant ketchup packet explodes.

Slice of Sauce is currently being manufactured at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Brooklyn, New York, in case you were wondering whether it was small-batch and trendy (it is). And they're close to their goal, with one month to go. Kick in a few bucks and prepare to surprise your favorite burger with a brand-new condiment. Check it out in action: