Stone Cold Crazy: Metallica Whiskey In The Works

We'll never turn our noses up at musician and booze collaborations. That's how we ended up talking tequila at Sammy Hagar's Maui pad. The latest partnership on our horizon involves Metallica and a former Maker's Mark master distiller. Metallica whiskey, anyone?

Whiskycast reports that the heavy metal rockers are looking to invest in a distillery to produce their upcoming whiskey, joining in on the trend of celebrities augmenting their personal brands within the spirit market. While the band's representatives have yet to officially confirm the plans, renowned distiller Dave Pickerell, who's heading the project, told Whiskycast that the team was "putting all the logistics together and crashing just as hard as we can."

The location of the distillery could be in the band's hometown of San Francisco, but Nashville as well as Louisville, Kentucky are also under consideration. Whether or not the finished product will come in a jar remains to be seen. Hey, the song's not "Whiskey In A Bottle."