Make Your Own Sneaker Sushi With This Handy Guidebook

It's a golden era for sneakerheads who also love sushi. We've been following the incredible, edible art of Yujia Hu for some time. The Milan-based Italian-Chinese sushi chef and artist's fish and rice-based sneaker sushi creations are Instagram gold, and he knows it. Hu has started selling intricately detailed how-to guides so that you can replicate these sumptuous creations at home. Here's a preview of how to make his signature tuna-based Air Jordan:

Hu's full 64-page book is available online for £9 (about $12.60) and packed with instructions on making classic Converse kicks, Stan Smiths, Yeezy 350 Zebra Boosts, old skool Vans and other shoe-collector favorites. Pick up a copy, make yourself a big pot of sushi rice, grab a fresh X-Acto knife and clear your schedule — it may take a few tries to get the hang of it.