Chicago's Elizabeth Hosts Wes Anderson-Themed Dinners

If you've ever fantasized about sitting down at a table in a Wes Anderson-themed dinner environment, now's the time to book a trip to Chicago. No, Anderson's latest film isn't about a childish adult in a bathrobe and '60s-era shades who [insert lucrative but meaningless accomplishment here] until a precocious, ethnically ambiguous tween in a bow-tie does something important using dated audio equipment while Van Morrison plays in the background, then Owen Wilson something-something.

Anderson's actual latest film, Isle of Dogs, released March 23rd, is a stop-motion animated story of a boy on a journey across a Japanese island of misfit canines to find his pet. And Time Out Chicago reports that the Windy City's acclaimed fine dining destination Elizabeth is honoring the endearingly quirky filmmaker's 15th feature with a dinner series.

The menu is based on "the aesthetic, themes, and voyages in the Wes Anderson motion pictures," with elements from many of Anderson's works, but particularly from The Royal Tenenbaums (the chef's wife's favorite). "I actually had no idea who Wes Anderson was and was originally not very gung-ho about this idea," chef Iliana Regan told Time Out. "Once we started watching the movies, I started to change my mind."

Reserve your table through Tock now — seats run between $100-120 each and are expected to sell out soon. Whether you're a Moonrise Kingdom softie, Bottle Rocket die-hard or straight-up honorary Rushmore student, you'll find a cast of inexplicably infatuating characters on each plate.

Cue the rising of a curtain made from 3,000 yards of vintage Nantucket red velvet...