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Food and drinks editor for Esquire Magazine, Jeff Gordinier, discusses his recent trip to Patagonia to interview Francis Mallmann, and gives insights into the art of profile writing, on today's podcast. (Photo: Andre Baranowski)

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Esquire‘s food and drink editor, Jeff Gordinier, profiled renowned chef and restaurateur Francis Mallmann in a recent Esquire issue.  On today’s episode, Gordinier discusses his trip to Mallmann’s Patagonian island getaway, but also sheds light on the art of profile writing. The author also shares his process for deciding the renowned magazine’s Best New Restaurants list, and more. In Post Bites, where we explore the connections between food and comedy, chef Alex Stupak riffs on bad tacos. But first, the news:

Today’s News:

  • CEO of PepsiCo, makers of Doritos, announced that Doritos for women may soon hit store shelves. After internet backlash, the company rescinded the comment.
  • Ben and Jerry’s is releasing a low calorie ice cream in hopes to compete with Halo Top.
  • Google is purchasing New York’s Chelsea Market for over $2 billion. What could that mean for the popular market’s food vendors?

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