Let Alexa's Gordon Ramsay Feature Ruin Your Meal

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Have you ever watched one of Gordon Ramsay's acclaimed cooking shows and thought "man, I wish he'd scream at my risotto?" Good news! From the people who brought you such voice-activated entertainment experiences as "Biden's Briefing" and "Sounds Fun with Mike Epps," comes "Gordon Ramsay." The program brings the distinct personality of the Hell's Kitchen host right to your home, so definitely let Alexa's Gordon Ramsay feature ruin your meal.

"I can't wait for everyone to have fun with this new skill for Amazon Alexa. I'll review any dish you throw at me," says Ramsay. "We all need to lighten up in the kitchen sometimes, don't we?" Here it is in action:

Those unaccustomed to being called "idiot sandwich" and "(expletive) donkey" should probably start with Alexa's volume on low and work their way up.