Ayesha Nurdjaja
NYC chef Ayesha Nurdjaja chats about how her multi-ethnic Brooklyn upbringing influenced her work at Shuka.

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Ayesha Nurdjaja is a Brooklyn native who worked at restaurants around New York City before teaming up with restaurateurs Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman to launch the new Middle Eastern restaurant Shuka late last year. We chat with Nurdjaja about her restaurant, how her Indonesian father and Italian mother influence her work and more. Then we have another edition of Bad Yelp Reviews of Good Restaurants in Post Bites. But first, the news:

Today’s News:

  • Scientists are working on breeding onions that won’t make you cry.
  • Chef Edward Lee is dedicating some of his time to giving career and education opportunities to women.
  • NBC’s This Is Us featured a Crock-Pot catching fire as a huge plot point, leading to a response from the appliance maker.
  • California lawmakers are trying to ban the single-use straw. There are people out there trying to solve this issue with edible straws.

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