On February 3rd, head into any one of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams scoop shops across the country nice and early, and place your breakfast order. That’s right, it’s National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, and Jeni’s is donating 50% of the morning’s sales to She Should Run. The Washington, D.C. not-for-profit organization seeks to encourage a quarter of a million women to run for public office in America by 2030. That’s a goal that’s wholly attainable with a little nudging and some excellent cold, sweet motivation like only Jeni Britton Bauer can create.

Can’t make it to a Jeni’s yourself? Send the powerful ladies in your life a little power-fuel — 50% of the sales from the Ice Cream For Breakfast collection set benefit She Should Run as well. We asked Jeni herself how she developed this partnership.

How did you first get involved with She Should Run?
This is our first time collaborating with She Should Run, but when I first came across them I knew we needed to work with them in some way. My path in life and work, which are one in the same for me, is that of an entrepreneur. And that’s exactly what She Should Run wants to bring out in women all across the country: the power to recognize what they have to offer as individuals.

Have you ever done an early opening special like this? Do people really come for breakfast?
Yes, people love to come for breakfast — entire families come out! It’s fun to break the rules and give back at the same time. Maybe those people are reading the same science findings that I am, like the one from a Japanese scientist claiming eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter…I mean, protein, sugar, fat — those are the building blocks of genius.

How long have you been celebrating Ice Cream For Breakfast Day?
This is our second time. We celebrated last year and partnered with a different non-profit in each market. This time we wanted to throw everything we have behind one cause. It also allows us to go bigger, putting together two Ice Cream for Breakfast collections you can order online between now and February 3. The benefit is the same — half of what you spend online will go directly to She Should Run. 

Would you consider running for office, and if so, what would you run for?
I would only consider president of ice cream. Why would I want to be president of the United States when I can be president of ice cream? The truth is I will never run for office, and that is an honest answer. I am not good at that kind of work — but I will nudge and support women and men who I believe would be good at it. 

Are there any inspirational ladies with political aspirations you’d like to shout out?
I mean, Oprah. And listen, let us have our moment to imagine Oprah. (Editor’s note: agreed on all accounts). I am certainly not saying that we should blindly support someone who is not prepared, I just say: YEAH! Give her a chance to prove she’s the one.

Anything else you’d like us to know about this partnership?
Community and collaboration are powerful tools for good. And it includes how you spend and donate your money. There are a record number of women running for office this year. She Should Run had a part to play in that — but so did everyone who came across the work they do and told a friend and that friend told a family member and so on.

There was still a line six or seven deep at the Jeni’s stand at Columbus’ North Market right next to the main entrance during the coldest part of the Polar Arctic Bomb Cyclo-pocalypse. People were wearing hats inside. That’s not a question, I just wanted to let you know.
I know. 😉 Also, in winter we make ice creams that are better enjoyed in winter. Ice cream is so much more than being cold. It’s about scent, and that scent can transport you. We just released Coconut & Cacao, which is a beautiful, sunny coconut-scented cream that clashes with bits of unsweetened chocolate throughout. And on February 1, we’re dropping Rainbow Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt, which is reminiscent of classic rainbow sherbet, but so much better. It’s raspberry, key lime, and passion fruit yogurts with a wonderful balance of sweet and tart. It’ll actually be a great flavor to order if you come into our shops for Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.