Why This Brooklyn Restaurant Prefers Serving Bison Over Beef

Sunday In Brooklyn's menu champions the funky, the innovative and the slightly unconventional. From the togarashi-dusted chicken drumsticks to the radish and koji butter-laden amaranth cracker, chef Jamie Young and his team reach first for the interesting ingredients. One of their favorites is bison.

While bison may be familiar to most as the majestic, North American beasts that roam in colder parts of the country, Sunday In Brooklyn flips the script, serving corned bison tongue on its meat board and tartare with pickled chanterelles and seaweed. Young tells us that the subtle flavor of Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op's bison is what won him over.

"We had gotten a sample in from one of our purveyors and I just really enjoyed the texture and flavors," Young says. "It inspired us really. The meat was soft and the flavor was iron-rich, which I thought would hold up well with the components I had intended to use."

Young plans to add another iteration of bison on the menu, this time by way of marrow bones.

"We thought it seemed like an exciting new ingredient to use," says Young. "I haven't heard of anyone using them or even being able to source them, so we're excited at the opportunity."

The roasted bones will be served with a shallot and black garlic jam alongside lavash, a soft Middle Eastern flatbread.