Caviar and champagne are among the most time-tested of classic food and wine pairings, and a decidedly luxe one to boot. So naturally, one particularly high-end French wine brand thought to combine the two, creating a super-product akin to the child of two renowned celebrities. But does the world really need black caviar champagne its developer refers to as a “divine nectar?”

Luvienz has been developing its proprietary blend of sparkling wine and fish eggs — the combination sounds stranger the more you consider it — since 2009. They release small quantities of its Caviar Edition (999 cases to be precise) to the public every year. Despite using only the highest quality French bubbly, the company can’t actually call the final product Champagne due to France’s protective DOC laws that prohibit additives. So how does it taste? Because we can add caviar to a blender of champers just fine without spending $1500.

Somewhat predictably, it turns out that’s not how Luvienz is made. It comes in two formulas: 5% and a slightly more intense 9% caviar, and the methods for making them are under tight wraps. Sparkling wine blog Glass of Bubbly reviewed the 5% formula, observing a “speckled” appearance and crisp, acidic flavor with notes of “lemon zest, peach skins and pastry.” We’re sure that’s what the folks sipping this stuff on their yachts are discerning too, without looking at all like they’re drinking flutes of Coke.

That all said, $1500 will buy you a heck of a lot of caviar that wasn’t soaked in booze (and/or champagne that doesn’t have fish eggs floating in it). Besides, we’re not plunking down any amount of money for things of this nature until we have 2 Chainz’s honest opinion.