Cheese expert and Murray’s Cheese alum Liz Thorpe is the queen of the stuff. In The Book of Cheese, she maps out a brand new way of understanding cheese: Gateways. Instead of categorizing by region or milk type, Thorpe groups like-minded cheeses. Are you a fan of taleggio? Try the Red Hawk. Read this book, go beyond bries and goats.

Reprinted with permission from The Book of Cheese

Here’s What I’ve Learned Since Making Cheese My Life’s Work

  • It doesn’t matter where cheese is made.
  • Or what kind of milk it’s from.
  • Or the technical classification I or any other expert would give it.

What Matters Is:

  • Starting with general, universally understood cheese-reference points.
  • Using them to establish what kind of cheese you like.
  • Having guidelines so you know what kind of flavors that jumping-off point will lead to.
  • Embracing the awesome miracle that your own memories and experiences — their smell and texture and temperature — inform your impressions of what’s good.

And, Then, Most Important:

  • Venturing out with these guides to discover other cheeses that you are going to love.