Ditch The Cheese Plate For An All-Cheese Burger

You've read guide after guide to creating the perfect cheese platter for special occasion entertaining. Pair the bloomy-rinded with this accoutrement, make sure you have this condiment, mustard or imported nut for that aged specimen. There's really no new way to spin it...unless of course you've got access to British take-out masters Hungryhouse. Their all-cheese burger, The Ultimate Cheese Burger (£14.99, about $20) is constructed entirely out of the good stuff.

The Evening Standard reports that the different "burger" components are created with mozzarella, red Leicester, Camembert, Babybel, Edam, Stilton, American (for some reason) and smoky German rauchkäse to add a touch of extra-savory flame-kissed burger flavor. That's a lot of fromage!

While they don't ship internationally — cheese sculptures tend to not travel very well — Hungryhouse has certainly pushed the envelope as to what can be done with a will, a way and a few hunks of thoughtfully selected premium queso. Rather than simply arrange pieces on a plate or board, consider crafting your very own cheese train, or even a whole cheese village!