Listen To Food Republic Today: Sam Sifton's A-Plus Leftovers Advice

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When Sam Sifton published his book, Thanksgiving: How To Cook It Well, in 2012, we hit him up for advice, including what to do with leftovers. "The way it works with Thanksgiving leftovers is as follows: the best Thanksgiving sandwich is the first one that you eat. You eat it as soon as you get hungry again, in the kitchen, probably barefoot and when it's dark." That's Sifton, the New York Times food editor and master scene-setter. So today, as we continue to come down from yesterday's feast, we turn to Sam again to go deeper, to definitively tell us how to turn that carcass into turkey stock. He calls in as the guest on Food Republic Today. Listen to what the man has to say. Also, hey, it's something called Black Friday, so we turn to FR contributor Kaitlyn Thornton, who's working on this year's gift guide, for advice on how to give awesome gifts.

Food Republic Today is hosted by our Editorial Director, Richard Martin, with co-host Krista Ruane, Zero Point Zero culinary creative director, and produced by Zero Point Zero Production. Katie Guhl is our producer. The episode features music by Ghostly International artists including Michna, whose "Metal Baile Joint" is the theme song.