This Brave Soul Is Modernizing Bizarre "Vintage Dishes"

YouTube channel Making It Modern host Bethany Herwegh has been serving as a wonderful reminder of just how much culinary progress America has made in the last 75 years. You've probably heard about "vintage dishes" from a bygone era of genre-bending leftover-maximizers that both sound gross and are gross. Such offerings include "beef fudge," "potato salad cake," "Jell-O salad" and "bananas in Hollandaise sauce." It's Herwegh's job to school us thoroughly on food history, recreate them just as the cookbooks dictate, taste-test them for edibility and answer questions like "is SPAM truly disgusting?" Then, she re-makes the recipe into something you'll actually want to eat.

Check out this video for a stuffed bologna salad loaf that is exactly what it sounds like, and let's all be thankful that it's been off dinner party menus for some time now.