Fruit Ninja Is Coming To A (Card) Game Night Near You

Remember Fruit Ninja? It was one of the first truly great mobile phone games, released in 2010 by Australian developer Halfbrick and quickly expanded to Xbox 360 Kinect (RIP). The Kinect version brought the frenzied screen-swiper to life, allowing you to slice up a world of fruit salad with a series of judo-chops from the comfort of your own living room. The latest development? No, it's not Fruit Ninja VR — that already exists (and don't try to tell us you don't want to play it). It's...a tabletop game!

Fully-funded by a Kickstarter that still has more than a week to go, the Fruit Ninja Tabletop Game series is a trilogy of deck-building, dice and party card games based on fruit-themed battles. Contribute now for special rewards bundles, and keep the legend of the person wielding a sword exclusively for slicing fruit alive for all time.

The games are expected to hit the market during the summer of 2018.