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How fun is this soup served in half a coconut?

What is soup, really? It’s up to you to decide, in the video game “Something Something Soup Something.” Could it be a foamy mystery liquid with shrimp and meat slices served in a coconut with an ice cream scoop garnish? Yes, it could!

Created by game designer and philosopher Stefano Gualeni, Something Something Soup Something presents itself as a low-pressure, simple game. It takes place in the year 2078 where humans and aliens exist together in relative peace. Aliens are tasked with making 20 soups for hungry people and you play as a “Soup Technician,” making sure the aliens conjure up something suitable for human consumption. Some ingredients include batteries, shrimp, rocks, orange wedges and candy canes.

The game is purely philosophical, and really challenges you to decide what one culinary term means to you. When you’ve completed your 20 orders, your score card outlines how you define “soup.” For instance, my card said I think soup can be eaten with any sort of utensil, it can be solid or liquid, any seafood can be an ingredient and it cannot contain anything inedible. Not too bad! Check out the video below and get ready to stir something up.

h/t Kotaku