Whether you schmear it on your bagels, spread it in your Philly sushi rolls or enjoy it with your Seattle-style hot dogs, there’s no denying that many people have a deep affinity for cream cheese. P’s and Q’s, a Philadelphian streetwear store, celebrates a love for the city’s namesake cream cheese with its latest sneaker release.

Partnering with shoe brand Clae, the Philadelphia Bradley was inspired by Philadelphia cream cheese, according to The Philly Voice. P’s and Q’s released the cream and blue sneakers in honor of its fifth anniversary. Mismatching tongues feature Clae and P’s and Q’s logos. They’re going for $140 a pair, with only 50 pairs available.

Despite its name, the Kraft brand of cream cheese doesn’t hail from the City of Brotherly Love at all. In fact, it was invented by William Lawrence in New York and named after Philadelphia because of the city’s reputation for quality dairy. Still, where else are you going to find cream cheese kicks?