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Would you try a cup of cheese tea? (Photo: Little Fluffy Head/Instagram.)

When life gives you cheese, make tea? The latest Instagrammable, two-hour-line craze that’s got everyone up in a tizzy is cheese tea.

Dished out by boba tea cafés across China, Singapore and now Los Angeles and New York, cheese tea consists of green or fruit tea topped with, you guessed it, cheese. According to Star2, the cheese in cheese tea is whipped cream cheese, the same stuff that puts the “cheese” in cheesecake.

Little Fluffy Head café in L.A. tops tea off with a creamy mixture of whipping cream, cheese, milk and salt. The fluffy stuff can even be paired with any of the shop’s boba drinks. Happy Lemon, a popular boba tea café, goes as far as topping coffee with “salted cheese.”

There’s even a specific way to consume the tea. Little Fluffy Head’s owner, Jenny Zheng, suggests that people sip their drink at a 45° angle so cheese and tea can mix and mingle in your mouth.

Whether the sweet-and-salty beverage makes you grimace or curiously thirsty, there’s no denying it grabbed your attention. Now, excuse us while we search one out.