Did you know that we’ve recommended a ton of books that need a new home in your kitchen? For our voracious readers, we have cookbooks, booze books, travel books, non-fiction and all other kinds of food-centric literature. Take a deep dive into our colorful Books To Devour section for words from award-winning chefs and writers, and freshen up your culinary reading list. Here are a few of our recent favorites:

The New Paris by Lindsey Tramuta

Food and culture writer Lindsey Tramuta is a Paris transplant of 10 years, and the author of The New Paris, a superb guide to getting the most from a city that has evolved rapidly over the past decade. I studied abroad in Paris 10 years ago, and flipping through the pages of this meticulously researched and beautifully photographed book, I found that I barely recognized the town. Things I’d hunted for that were perfectly commonplace in Los Angeles, like hoppy beer and kimchi, were nowhere to be found. Now, they’re right at home in bistros and supermarkets alike, alongside gluten-free baguettes and cold-pressed green juice. Where was the booming burger and food truck scene in 2007?


Gastrophysics by Charles Spence

The mind is a strange and funny place. Our brains can trick us into thinking that eating from a smaller plate will fill us up faster or that the color blue makes foods taste saltier. Experimental psychologist Charles Spence dedicates his work to discovering how all our senses affect our sense of taste. His latest book, Gastrophysics, delves into his findings.

LAZO_How to Drink French Fluently

How To Drink French Fluently: A Guide To Joie De Vivre with St-Germain Cocktails by Drew Lazor

Veteran Food Republic contributor Drew Lazor knows his way around cocktails. He flexes this muscle in his latest book, How To Drink French Fluently: A Guide To Joie de Vivre with St-Germain Cocktails. Think of it as a guidebook to when and what to drink and how to drink it. The book features recipes for drinks all featuring St-Germain from legendary American bartenders like Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Lynnette Marrero, Julie Reiner, Ivy Mix, Jim Meehan and others.


Egg Shop: The Cookbook by Nick Korbee

NYC’s beloved Egg Shop is a breakfast sandwich institution visited at all hours of the day (and night). Check out an egg-cerpt from their shiny new cookbook — which of these ham and egg sandwiches from Egg Shop is your favorite? Personally, we could watch this scroll forever…


Taste: The Infographic Book of Food by Laura Rowe and Vicki Turner

Chances are, you know Food Republic’s passion for food infographics very well. Our global hot dog graphic alone is worth its weight in…well, hot dogs. Author Laura Rowe compiled a whole book of creativity-stimulating illustrations to school you on a variety of topics. Freshen up your food knowledge with Taste, and impress your dining companions.