Swedish author and illustrator Johanna Kindvall recently released an illustrated book of classic dishes and baked goods that will have you hypnotized. A primer on Swedish cuisine, holidays, design, coffee and culinary traditions as much as an art book, Smörgåsbord is a must-own for any lover of all things Scandinavian. We’re particularly obsessed with the following foods to the point we may have to get tattoos of them.

Reproduced with permission from Smörgåsbord: The Art of Swedish Breads and Savory Treats

Snittar are bite-sized open-faced sandwiches capped with whatever toppings you wish. This one is gravlax with fennel, pickles and pickled mustard seeds.
Höstsallad, or “autumn salad” is a refreshing a beautiful salad you can serve along several smörgåsbord spreads. Try it with hot-smoked salmon.
Svenska kraftor
Svenska kräftor is Swedish for “crayfish boil.” Cooked with dill blossoms and served cold, crayfish and neatly arranged on a round serving platter and enjoyed with toasted light bread, butter and hard cheese spiced with caraway seeds.
Varmrokt lax_grill (1)
Varmrökt lax, hot-smoked salmon, is a popular treat in Sweden. Make your own on a 1-inch or thicker wood plank in a charcoal or wood grill.
Flaesketeg_pg 80
Flæskesteg, Danish roast pork with crackling, is often served in Denmark for Christmas Eve dinner, served with red cabbage, red currant jelly and sugar-caramelized potatoes.
toast skagen
Toast skagen is a classic Swedish appetizer of mayonnaise, peeled shrimp and fresh dill piled on butter-fried bread, topped with golden whitefish caviar.