How Four Loko Inspired Halo Top's Creepy Ad

The present may be full of tasty, low-calorie ice cream, but Halo Top seems to think the future is home to Stanley Kubrick-esque assisted living facilities, manned by ice cream-pushing robots.

Placed in an all-white room, the lone human subject of the commercial is greeted by a robot that offers spoon after spoon of "delicious ice cream." Confused and beginning to sense something's wrong, the woman asks about her whereabouts to which the robot offers yet another spoon. The woman smacks it away and asks for Stephen, presumably her husband. The robot now offers an ice cream cone and tells her "Everyone you love is gone."

The director of Halo Top's latest commercial, Mike Diva, tells AdWeek that the vision for the disturbing ad came to be after consuming Four Loko, the alcoholic malt-based beverage that was once marketed as an energy drink before it was banned in several states. With a boozed-up, caffeinated mind, Diva pitched the idea to Halo Top execs and the rest can be seen in the ad below.