Did you know that we have hundreds of fun food videos that need a new home on your computer screen? From trends and recipes to daring feats and wacky challenges, take a deep dive into our Video Time section for entertainment from all walks of live, and prepare to share. Here are a few of our recent favorites:


Watch A Tiny Chef Emerge From A Table To Grill Steak, Make Bouillabaisse

Incredibly realistic sound, graphics and colors combine to create a hypnotizing multimedia experience that will captivate you until your food comes (by which point you might not even be interested and just wish to continue watching Petit Chef chainsaw broccoli into pieces). Best of all, something always goes delightfully wrong for the wee hero. “Oh la la” in a helium voice has never sounded so good.


Holy Cow! Check Out These Waterjet-Cut Steaks

The handy, curious folks at YouTube’s Waterjet Channel take this formidable instrument to a multitude of materials (dead tarantulas, skateboard wheels) and prime beef is no exception. Scroll forward to 1:10 or so if you’re less interested in the background of waterjet-cut steaks than actually seeing them become the animals from whence they came, and watch exactly where the waterjet-masters are going with this. We won’t ruin the surprise.


This Instant Noodle Rap Features A Top Ramen Sweatsuit

¥ung ¢hef and Doughboi rap about their love for the combination of instant ramen and Sriracha. Doughboi takes it to the next level, donning a Top Ramen sweatshirt and pants combo (which you can buy here), rapping about his distaste for dehydrated peas and corn. Deep, deep apologies to instant ramen inventor Momofuku Ando.


VR Sushi Bar Is Our Kind Of Gaming Experience

Sushi-making video games are alive and well, maki fans. What was once a noble trade that required advanced culinary skills and tons of hard work and discipline can now be done with nothing more than a VR headset and a Steam account. VR Sushi Bar lets you control the sushi bar with your own two hands, and feed a steady stream of raw fish-loving cartoon animals hungry for nigiri and gunkan sushi.


Watch This Guy Cook With A Soviet-Era Waffle Iron

There’s nothing like a steaming hot Soviet birthday waffle. No, that’s not code for (insert the first thing that popped into your head here). YouTuber Life of Boris — “cheeki breeki Slav videos of gaming and cooking” — fired up a terrifying-looking waffle iron from 1976 to celebrate his birthday. He’s craving waffles like mama used to make, you see. Will this ancient, minimum-quality appliance withstand the test, or set the house on fire as Boris predicts?