Holy Cow! Check Out These Waterjet-Cut Steaks

How do you shape a big honking steak into a cow? With about 60,000 psi of water. A waterjet, for those of you who don't regularly slice things with turbocharged H2O, is a method of precision cutting materials like metal, glass and food. Commercial bakeries often use it for lightning-quick, perfectly even cake slices. Sure you could use a laser, but who has one of those just lying around?

The handy, curious folks at YouTube's Waterjet Channel take this formidable instrument to a multitude of materials (dead tarantulas, skateboard wheels) and prime beef is no exception. Scroll forward to 1:10 or so if you're less interested in the background of waterjet-cut steaks than actually seeing them become the animals from whence they came, and watch exactly where the waterjet-masters are going with this. We won't ruin the surprise.