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Say goodbye to these annoying little plastic containers, it's technology time!

Scientists from Martin Luther University in Germany have found a potential way to eliminate the waste from single servings of milk and sugar. With a majority of coffee drinkers adding one or both to their morning beverage, dissolvable milk and sugar pods could result in a smaller footprint for a big industry.

The researchers developed a pod made of sugar, which encapsulates a coffee-sized serving of milk. When dropped in a cup of black coffee, the hot liquid melts the sugar and releases the milk, making for what we imagine is a pretty pleasing visual experience. With no plastic, paper or foil involved, the capsules produce no trash and can stay fresh for up to three weeks without refrigeration — a big win for the travel and hospitality industries. When was the last time you stayed in a hotel room that didn’t have a tiny container or two of creamer and packets of sugar? What about your cup of joe at a diner or on an airplane?

Described by the inventors as “extremely unpractical,” single servings of these everyday coffee additions could be eliminated altogether if this advance in food technology is widely adapted.