Leave the dog park for another day. Monty’s Dog Beach And Bar, the only of its kind in Croatia, brews a beer dogs can enjoy.

NY Daily News reports that the beach and bar also dishes out other doggie treats like ice cream and cake. Since hops, grapes and alcohol are very toxic to canines, according to Dogster, these drinks should be brewed without those ingredients.

Flat12 Bierwerks in Indianapolis also brews a beer for dogs, and blends it with wort and even kegs it. The people behind Pinot Meow (yes, that’s wine for cats) also make doggie versions, including champagnes, Malbarks and a “Doggy Mary” out of natural ingredients like beet juice, bacon flavoring and chamomile.

This winter, a dog-friendly café and bar, Boris & Horton, will be opening its doors to New York’s East Village, according to DNAInfo. While the infamous cat cafés are partially used as adoption centers, the Boris & Horton will operate more like an indoor dog park. Owners will be allowed to bring their pups in to the designated areas (food and drink will be prepared and sold in a closed-off section of the café to comply with health codes). Those without dogs will also get to join in on the fun — the café will hold adoption events where you can meet your best new furry friend.