Drop that Lime-A-Rita right now. You shouldn’t have picked it up anyway, unless you’re using it to marinate chicken. This Austin brewery wants you to pair tacos with their Revolución Saison Ale instead.

Independence Brewing Co. made the citrusy, crisp and spiced beer specifically to be paired with Austin’s beloved tacos, the Houston Press reports. The saison was created by brewery co-founder Amy Cartwright and author of Tacos of Texas, Mando Rayo, who selected the style to offer variety in the Mexican-American beer market — one heavily saturated with lagers. Saisons are already known for being a light summertime favorite, so why not pair it with tacos?

Houston Press editor Gwendolyn Knapp tried a pairing herself and writes that the “acid and citrus in the beer really do cut through the Mexican seasoning and enhance the richness and spices” in a carne guisada taco.

The beer can be found in Austin at H-E-B grocery stores.