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If only we could make sushi this good-looking in our real-life kitchens.

Sushi-making video games are alive and well, maki fans. What was once a noble trade that required advanced culinary skills and tons of hard work and discipline can now be done with nothing more than a VR headset and a Steam account. VR Sushi Bar lets you control the sushi bar with your own two hands, and feed a steady stream of raw fish-loving cartoon animals hungry for nigiri and gunkan sushi.

Using your actual hands, form a rice ball and top it with the ingredients at the bar — shrimp, eel, omelet, salmon roe, sea bream, tuna, squid, sea urchin and octopus — then place it on the customer’s plate.

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After a few minutes, the stone Buddha behind the bar will start moving around, so you’ll need a gun. That’s right, the only way to calm the statue is by shooting a sushi gun right at his face, which I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate much as he’s famously pacifist, vegetarian and really just there to blend in nicely with your restaurant’s décor. Once he’s placated, it’s back to the bar to serve more sushi and green tea. Or you just can grab the gun again and start pelting your clientele with squid — your VR set, your choice.

YouTuber Generikb (a.k.a. “The Gaming Hermit”) took VR Sushi Bar for a spin, which you can watch below. We could easily do without the loud karate noises he doesn’t stop making, but hey, he’s clearly super-into it.

VR Sushi Bar, $9.99 on Steam