The world is getting hotter. Last month, Iran broke the heat record in Asia at 129°F. What’s one way to cool down? Ice cream. And it’s taken a firm hold in India, where ice cream sales are far from slowing down.

Quartz reports that India’s ice cream sales are growing at the fastest rate of any country in the world, increasing almost 13% every year in the past five years. A study conducted by market research firm Mintel shows that sales could double in the next five years. That’s some serious kulfi. Another Mintel study shows that the Brits and Americans aren’t eating as much ice cream, as the Western world attempts to cut sugar from diets.

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Health-focused scoops are also busting through the market. Halo Top brand markets itself as low-calorie, “healthy” ice cream that’s sweetened exclusively with stevia. Each carton features the amount of calories in the entire pint, with the highest count at 360. Super-trendy health item activated charcoal has also found its way into ice cream, for a detox while you treat yourself. But at the end of the day, ice cream is still cream and sugar and isn’t as healthy as, say, a carrot.

Ice cream is breaking out of its cup and cone rut. Whether it’s in a doughnut or mountainously filling taiyaki, a Japanese pastry shaped like a fish and often filled with red bean paste, classic cones may be on their way out. Even Whole Foods is sporting a new mochi bar.