There's A Way To Eat Poppy Seeds And Pass A Drug Test

Fact: Eating a poppy seed bagel, cake, muffin, etc. before taking a drug test will come back positive for morphine and could cost you your job.

Traces of morphine can be derived from poppy seeds, since they come from the same source, the opium poppy. The Washington Post reports that routine drug tests are designed to detect all opiates: heroin, morphine, pills — you name it. The current acceptable level for morphine is 2,000 nanograms per millimeter, and according to The Post, this mean that eating a substantial amount of cake could lead one to potential complications.

To combat this unfortunate coincidence, British specialty food maker FDL has manufactured a "low-morphine poppy seed," which will keep in check those using the "poppy seed defense." According to The Washington Post, regular poppy seeds can have morphine levels at 900 parts per million. FDL's version have levels under 20 parts per million, which is low enough for poppy seed-lovers to breeze through drug tests without raising any alarms. For every problem, a solution.