The Burger Lab's Upside-Down Burger Eating Guide, Explained

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New Zealand-born chef and burger expert Daniel Wilson's book, The Burger Lab: The Art and Science of the Perfect Burger, is a phenomenal patty-themed read that will renew your love of this longstanding culinary icon. For our recent Burger Week, we posted a chart that some readers found perplexing if not infuriating: the process of Wilson's preferred way of eating a burger. Observe the upside-down burger technique beginning in step 4 below:

For our fans who were wondering exactly where this advice originated and whether it is indeed the best way to eat a burger, we followed up with Wilson. For the record though, once you start eating burgers this way, it's hard to stop!

"As a young burger-eater, I found it awkward to pick a burger up the right way up when eating it," says Wilson. "For this reason, it seemed much more natural to pick it up with my fingers underneath the bottom and thumbs on the top then bring it up (in a semi-circle) to my mouth, upside-down. This works equally well in reverse to put it down again the right way up."

Logical, right? And where the majority of the weight in a burger lies factors in as well:

"The heavier ingredients are usually closer to the bottom bun, rather that the top. This method can also help to maintain the integrity of the bottom bun, should it have been absorbing some of the delicious juices from the meat patty."

There you have it: eat your burgers upside-down, conserve all that delicious meaty juice and spread the good word to your friends.