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Artist Lucy Sparrow turns everyday items into adorable plush versions. (Photo: The Standard, High Line/Facebook.)

Few would ever call a pregnancy test “adorable,” unless it’s the one made by English artist Lucy Sparrow. She creates uncanny resemblances of an incredible array of items out of felt fabric, specifically those you would find at a New York City bodega (also known as a corner store or deli). Sparrow is housing her handmade creations at The Standard, High Line as an art installation called “8 Till Late.”

Everything from the toilet paper, Frosted Flakes and produce to the ATM, jarred gefilte fish and even the obligatory bodega cat are crafted from felt. The bodega even acts like a real store, meaning all these items are for sale. The only difference is that this shop sells liquor (New York state law limits sales of spirits to liquor stores). Sparrow built a similar installation of a London corner shop filled with crisps and Mars bars back in August 2016.

Our only question is whether or not we can bring home a classic (albeit felt) city-style bacon, egg and cheese on a roll.

The installation is open through June 30 in the Garden Room at The Standard, High Line in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

h/t Gothamist