Do you have too many iPhone containers just laying around and taking up space in your apartment? Instead of simply throwing them away, this New York City barista (name withheld for his safety) will whip up a latte complete with form art in said container.

Mashable recently unveiled in a video the making of the coffee drink, where espresso and steamed milk are poured into the rectangular box. The Apple logo is then shaped on top using foam. You’re then expected to drink out of this miniaturized trough.

In what may be the most millennial thing to happen this week, we must analyze and question how the iPhone Latte (iLatte?) advances either coffee or tech culture. Will lines take over city blocks for a box o’ Joe? Is Steve Jobs rolling in his grave? Do we need another cup of coffee to stimulate our brains and realize that this is an absurd use of both coffee and iPhone box? Won’t it leak? You decide.