How AeroFarms Is Changing Farming: Food Futures, Episode 1

People stay awake at night thinking about different things. I lay awake thinking about food. But not, like, delicious dishes. I stare at the ceiling fretting about how this planet is going to feed the growing population in the face of a changing climate, ocean acidification, less water, more desertification. I don't think I am alone here? The problems we face are so epic, the stakes so high, that I rarely find comfort or hope... just more worry on top of concern.

But I've had enough of that.

In Food Futures, I'm on a quest to find out how the hell we're going to feed the world just 20 years from now. What role will technology play? What choices do we face as societies in this transition? Episode One looks at AeroFarms, a large-scale, indoor, hydroponic vertical-farming system that uses 90% less water than traditional farming and can pump out huge volumes of (organic and pesticide-free) food in 16-day cycles. What role will Vertical Farms have in our food supply in coming years? How does it work? Who benefits and who doesn't? Welcome to Episode One of Food Futures.