This Company Is Brewing Beer From Leftover Bread

Breadcrumbs, bread pudding, croutons, French toast — these are just a couple of things you can make with leftover bread. What about beer?

Toast Ale, a British brewing company, has been making beer from leftover fresh loaves of bread in England for a year. The effort has already saved 7,000 pounds of bread from the landfill. The company is now eyeing the States as its next project and launched a crowdfunding campaign to help make it happen.

The goal is not only to brew the beer in America, but to double the amount of bread saved. Better yet, 100% of the profits made will be donated to Feedback, a British charity dedicated to fighting food waste.

The beer makers were recently featured in WASTED! The Story Of Food Waste, a documentary about how the world wastes unseen tons of food every day (and how to combat it).