News for fans of the delightfully packaged, artisanal Sir Kensington’s condiments: it’s time to switch that artisanal to “artisanal-style.” Home and kitchen products giant Unilever is set to purchase the brand for a reported $140 million, according to Bloomberg. On the heels of a rejected purchase offer of $143 billion from Kraft Heinz, Unilever seeks to peddle its own ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise in an effort to boost sales.

[Here’s our interview with the founders of Sir Kensington’s from way back in 2011.]

This purchase follows a list of recent brand acquisitions that sell largely to a younger consumer base — Seventh-Generation natural cleaning products, Dollar Shave Club and Axe deodorant/person repellant — and sale of products with dwindling popularity, like margarine. In the fall of 2016, Unilever even sought to acquire Honest Company, actress Jessica Alba’s line of non-toxic personal and baby care products, valued at more than $1 billion at the time.

What does this mean for your hot dog? That depends. If it’s an Oscar Meyer (owned by Kraft), slather it with Sir Kensington’s spicy mustard and thumb your nose at the notion of massive-scale corporate consolidation. If it’s one of these pups, you’re probably inclined to make your own dang condiments anyway.