Step into NYC’s Haven’s Kitchen, a cooking school and café that focuses on food waste, sustainability issues and responsible sourcing. First lesson: using every part of the vegetable — no bits left behind. Think you know how to cut broccoli and cauliflower? Pick up a copy of their new cookbook, The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School, and check out their technique for making the most of every piece, as in the following excerpt:

When cutting broccoli or cauliflower, use the entire vegetable. The stalks and core are edible too.


Set the cauliflower on a cutting board. Cut off the leaves. Cut a circle around the core and remove it, along with the florets from the stem. Continue cutting and pulling away the rest of the florets.


Cut the larger florets into smaller pieces. All the florets should be uniformly sized to ensure that they cook evenly. Then cut the core in half lengthwise, then into 5 or 6 smaller pieces.


Pull or cut away any leaves from the stalk and hold it down on a cutting board with your nondominant hand. Cut away the outer layer of florets. Continue cutting off the rest of the florets.


Halve or quarter the larger florets into smaller pieces if needed, and cut away the woody outer skin from the stalk. Slice the stems into thin strips.

Reprinted with permission from The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School