20 Food Republic Theme Weeks, Ranked

We're coming up on Food Republic's sixth anniversary, so allow us a moment of self-reflection. Here, for the first time, we look back on 20 of our most ambitious theme weeks from over the years. These theme weeks have allowed us to go deep on some unusual topics, as well as to explore familiar ones with new perspectives. Other times, we've just gone off the rails — how much is there to say about tomatoes, really? Click on any of the below for recipes, way too much information about French fries, guides to eating and drinking and more!

1. Around the World in 5 Editors Week

2. Holy Frijoles Week

3. Mac and Cheese Week

4. Craft Beer & Spirits Week

5. Frites Week

6. Italian-American Week

7. France Week

8. Fantasy Travel Week

9. DJ Week

10. Negroni Week

11. Fermentation Week

12. Getting Pissed in London Week

13. Ice Cream Week

14. Frozen Drinks Week

15. Lobster Roll Week

16. Fernet Week

17. Watermelon Week

18. Tomato Week

19. Greek Yogurt Week

20. Comedy Week